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I am currently working as a mentored doula. During this time I am able to seek guidance and support from my highly experienced mentor which means you will have the knowledge, support and dedication of two doulas!

Labour and Birth

My aim as a birth doula is to provide a calming and grounded presence, help remove any fears you may have and replace them with a feeling of empowerment. I want you to feel excited, confident and supported ahead of the birth.

I will hold space for you and ensure you are equipped with the knowledge to help you make informed choices about your baby’s birth. I will stay by your side throughout, providing emotional and physical support.

You can read more about my labour and birth support here.

I also offer virtual support which you can learn more about here.


As a postnatal doula, I 'mother the mother', offering emotional and practical support and providing evidence based information. I start by helping my clients to form a postnatal plan, which can ease the transition into parenthood and set you up for a positive experience after the birth, giving you time to recover, bond with your baby and adjust as a family.

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I want you to feel nurtured, nourished and supported during the early days with your little one so if you need help with the housework, cooking, childcare for siblings, support with feeding or you'd like me to look after your baby so you can have a hot shower, I'm there for you.


Most of all, I am a listening ear, supporting you emotionally during this special yet vulnerable time. You may wish to set aside some time we have together to debrief your birth over a cup of tea.

You can read more about my postnatal support here.

Night Doula Services

I offer overnight support to help you get some much needed rest in those early days and weeks, enabling you to recover and have more energy during the day when looking after your newborn and any siblings.


You can read more about my Night Doula Services here

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