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As a postnatal doula, the most important thing to me is that you feel supported, nurtured and nourished in the early days and weeks with your newborn baby. I help you by offering emotional and practical support and providing evidence based information. 

I like to help my clients form a postnatal plan, which can ease the transition into parenthood, giving you time to adjust and set you up for a positive experience after the birth.

For previous generations and gladly still evident in some cultures today, raising a family involves close-knit communities who provide support, time and experience.

However, for the majority of us, our busy modern lives have precluded that possibility, so with every family I work with, I strive to recreate that feeling of community and shared responsibility.

I am happy to help with any tasks in the home so you can focus on those newborn cuddles…washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, walking the dog or equally I can provide an extra pair of hands to hold your baby so you can take a shower, get some rest or spend quality time with other family members. I am completely led by you and your family, providing the type of support you feel you would benefit from the most.

I can provide breastfeeding support and if required, signpost you to breastfeeding counsellors in the area as well as support you to develop skills such as recognising ‘normal’ newborn behaviour, feeding and changing your baby and discuss what may come up in the 4th trimester.


I am devoted to providing emotional support in the postnatal period, reassuring and encouraging you as you find your feet.


As part of our time together, you may wish to set aside some time to discuss and reflect on your birth over a cup of tea – I will always be there to offer a listening ear.


20 hours support

or £22 per hour


£40 for 1 hour (to focus on postnatal planning or breastfeeding) or

£75 for 2 hours to cover both

*Please note travel to and from your home will be charged as an additional cost

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